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From our earliest days as a nation, the American story has been one of striving. Born in pursuit of a more perfect union, we have repeatedly sought to animate the ideals of liberty and justice in our laws and mores. Our history lays bare our successes and failures in this endeavor. We’ve learned — often in painful ways — that it is up to each generation to pursue the advancement of these ideals in their time.

Following the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, Americans poured into city streets across the nation to peacefully protest the contemptible injustice Floyd suffered at the hands of law enforcement. Sadly, riots, looting, and more police brutality — towards peaceful protesters as often as not — followed. Floyd’s death catalyzed America in a way unlike other recent police killings. The compounding impact of months of stress from fighting the coronavirus and the visceral horror Americans felt as they witnessed Floyd helplessly calling for his mother has led to a united outcry that transcends racial and political lines. …


McCullough Medina

Doug McCullough and Brooke Medina are regular co-authors and word slingers. Seen at, Entrepreneur, The Hill, Washington Examiner, and more.

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