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  • Eldho Kuriakose

    Eldho Kuriakose

    Nothing can be added or taken away from you, only uncovered.

  • Gemma Whitehouse

    Gemma Whitehouse

    Business Developer, programmer, one time musician, runner, swimmer, culture and tech nerd. Working on emerging technologies within InsureTech/Fintech.

  • Beeville Anonymous

    Beeville Anonymous

  • Chiamaka Okenwa

    Chiamaka Okenwa

    Software Engineer💻 Twitter @amakachii_

  • Sergio Gallastegui Herrero

    Sergio Gallastegui Herrero

    Co-Fundador y CEO en codecontract.io Emprendiendo con nuevas tecnologías, haciendo deporte y leyendo. 👨🏻‍💻🚶🏻📖. Twitter: sergio_ghfer

  • biz infuse

    biz infuse

    We are the editors for the medium publication Bizinfuse. Founded 25 August 2019

  • Martha Marvels

    Martha Marvels

    Today I define myself as marvellous — that’s all. I write about my experiences some less than marvellous sometimes more.

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